THE TROUBLE OF IT IS by David M. Newell


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A sociable second helping of the cornpone Driggers family, those hellacious Florida crackers first met in If Nothin' Don't Happen (1975). Once again Billy Driggers is the good ol' boy recollectin' anecdotes--a few from his shirttail days but many from after he hooked up with Loofy Henry and became Daddy to six boys and a girl. Those kids, and a heap of kinfolk and neighbors, turn up here and there as Billy meanders along backcountry roads and fishes the Withlacoochie River, pointing out s.o.b.'s and ukeliptus trees, recalling arthuritis attacks, and savoring stories about good-looking females, especially the generous kind. But it's not all wry malaprops and winking humor: Newell's got a good case of authoritis, and he's dishing out True Grits, giving Billy a share of troubles (one son dies of snakebite) and related folks their trials--son Kelly, the sheriff, must apprehend son Dave, thief and murderer, and shoot him during an escape attempt. Those who liked this scrappy lot before will want to follow theft footprints since the last rain and, with all those good ol' boys making history up north, others may get on theft trail.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1977
Publisher: Knopf