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The Billion-Dollar Creative by David Margolis

The Billion-Dollar Creative

by David Margolis

Pub Date: Dec. 8th, 2014
Publisher: Pacific Night Publishing

In this debut business-advice book, a seasoned digital artist and entrepreneur offers his insights on fostering creativity.

Margolis has had a 20-year career working with creative teams and corporate clients in entertainment, media, advertising, publishing, and finance in London and New York. Those clients have included IMG’s television division Trans World International, advertising agency Burkitt DDB (now Adam & Eve DDB), property consultancy King Sturge (now Jones Lang LaSalle), Sky Sports, and communications company Energis (now Vodafone). In this first book of a planned series, the author focuses on the first 25 of a projected 250 principles, all focused on how to create the best conditions to nurture creativity in “an increasingly complex world.” In 25 chapters, he offers musings and often amusing discussions on starter concepts, such as committing to documenting one’s ideas; eating a healthy diet; varying one’s daily commute; allowing time for meditation and daydreaming; asking “what if” instead of open-ended questions; and maximizing brainstorming sessions. Margolis sees the modern, open-plan office as “a creativity killer,” noting that one should take short breaks and go on longer-term retreats as much as possible. He discusses the “pressure paradox,” in which deadlines create creativity-crushing stress but also galvanize people into action. He describes sharing ideas with others as a “triple-edged sword”: one would miss out on constructive feedback by staying silent, but one’s ego may be unduly inflated (or deflated) by others’ responses. Overall, Margolis provides an array of chatty, easy-to-read chapters, making this book a good tool for kick-starting personal creativity. However, readers may wish for more details on how the author applied his principles to his own apparently stellar career, and his tendency toward humor can be a bit tiresome and distracting. Still, the book does offer some effective, quick-shot motivational advice. (A related website showcases some attractive visual representations of the book’s chapter titles.)

A book of colorful tidbits to inspire creative thought.