EPICS OF SALVAGE by David Masters


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Dealing mostly with episodes of World War II, this details the fascinating work of marine recovery from the salvaging of the Normandie, to mine clearance, to treasure hunting and the amazing invention of portable harbors. There are the stories of the torpedo chariots manned by Italians that took their toll in Alexandria; the refloating of the Georgi; the efforts to keep the Port of London cleared of wrecks; the mines and sinkings in the Suez Canal, the Niagara with her cargo of 290 ingots of gold and the Samna with her silver worth a million pounds sterling; the clearance of the Cape Cod Canal. Here too are divers, rescues, dirty weather and dirty work, escapes and the ingenuity required in this ""make-do-mend field"" to add to the picture of a specialized profession. There shouldn't be much trouble in finding that man-and-boy audience for this.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1954
Publisher: Little, Brown