LORD REX: The Lion Who Wished by David McKee

LORD REX: The Lion Who Wished

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Lord Rex, the lion who ""always wanted things to be different from the way they were,"" just happens all in one day to run into a magic butterfly, elephant, tropical bird, kangaroo, and giraffe, so that each time he says ""I wish I could have wings/ a trunk/ a tail/ hind legs/ a neck like yours"" -- it's done. Of course when he then sees his freakish reflection in the pond he's happy to note that there is also a magic lion standing by to change him back. It's an old story and McKay makes no notable improvements, but the moral is easily grasped (if not articulated) at this level and the bouncy, glowing cartoons -- of Rex in a fanciful jungle looping the loop with his jazzy butterfly wings (never mind that one upside-down sky glide owes a lot to Snoopy), displaying his splendid feathered tail, or arching that ungainly neck -- cater to a preschooler's sense of the ridiculous.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1973
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman