MEN, MIND AND POWER by David MD Abrahamsen


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A semi-popularized, psychoanalytic profile of the German people, the distortion of their natural character which has made Fascism possible, and which continues to jeopardize international security. Here are the traits which contribute to their personality unbalance; the preoccupation with personal status and rank; the paternal despotism in the home which leads to an abnormal dependence on authority in later years; the aggressiveness, the materialism. The second part analyses individual leading Fascists, -- Hiter, whose deprived and lonely childhood led to a recriminatory maturity; Goebbels whose physical deformity led to emotional abnormality; the violent and unruly Goering; Himmler; Quisling; Laval, etc. And the solution -- in theoretical terms is the remolding, reeducating of the Germans, and the restitution of their mental health. A not too professional presentation -- and there have been several -- and one questions what the present market will be.

ISBN: 1428652485
Publisher: Columbia University Press