TESTAMENT by David Morrell


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A melodrama that should be titled ""Paranoid's Delight"" and is a novelized Whole Earth Catalogue about staying alive in the wilds. Reuben Bourne has written an article exposing a ferocious crew of American loyalists. This drives the loyalist leader Kess underground, but soon Bourne finds his baby (and his Siamese cat) poisoned, his house is shot up, and he, his wife and daughter hide out in a hunter's shack. Again attacked, they hole up in a ghost town with a nutty oldtimer. During the next attack the town is burned down, and the old man and Bourne's wife killed. In still another hideout, Bourne's daughter dies. With everything lost, he manages to torture information from one of his pursuers and begins his own series of killings, but Bourne can't pull the trigger at the last moment. The relentlessly gory story is sustained only by its awesome pointlessness.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1975
Publisher: Evans