JOBKEEPING: A Hireling's Survival Manual by David Noer

JOBKEEPING: A Hireling's Survival Manual

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A professional personnel recruiter gives his version of how to succeed in business without really trying--to do your job, that is. There are lots of other things, however, to occupy your attention: hiding your taste, values, and morality from the boss, or stacking up blackmail info, or withholding the good news until the day you feel the pink slip is coming. But the real heart of the book are the ""games"" both employee and employer can indulge in: the creative use of minority status, managers' shell games to protect their staffs, techniques for extracting maximum return (high severance pay, good references, and a consulting contract) at the ""trigger-pulling"" (firing interview). The approach, as is customary in books with a transactional analysis slant, is pragmatic and superficial--quite appropriate to the corporation world it is most concerned with.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1976
Publisher: Chilton