ANGELS FOUR by David Nott


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Simply the cliff-hanging story of how Nott and three friends successfully climbed the face of the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls, in January 1971 -- a mountaineering first. Getting up that 3000-foot, ""blankety"" Venezuelan wall wasn't easy: one of the party, John Timo, had failed twice before; another, Dr. Paul Staub, a very neophyte climber, lost his pack on the second day; their special dehydrated cereal (Instant Zoom) went too fast; Nott later became debilitatingly ill during the assault; there were numerous missteps up and down, rappelling perils which make Pauline look like a piker. ""If there was one thing our expedition had in abundance, it was bad luck."" But they made it -- ""We did it! Wha-ha!"" -- and along the way Nott fills you in on basic rock climbing techniques, equipment, and vocabulary. Pithy, informative adventure.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1972
Publisher: Prentice-Hall