BELOVED SCIENTIST by David O. Woodbury


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A thorough, sympathetic biography of man, career and contributions in this story of Klihu Thompson, born in 1853 in Manchester, England, coming to Philadelphia as a boy. His genius for research, invention, engineering showed early; by his ""20's he was recognized as an authority. Teaching, then starting the American Electric Company in New Britain, Connecticut, then Lynn, Massachusetts. His work in the General Electric research laboratory in Schenectady brought him to the height of his fame, and to the presidency of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work in new fields, his supremacy even over Edison in practical application and meticulousness of investigation, his results in improvement and invention along electrical engineering lines brought him recognition in scientific circles. This is a study of quiet, fruitful labors of a kind, generous, simple man, which will appeal almost wholly to those in the scientific field.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1943
ISBN: 1164509713
Publisher: Whittlesey House