NO COMMON GLORY by David Pilgrim


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The author of So Great A Man has taken this time the romantic adventures of one of Charles II's bastards, James de la Cloche, from the Isle of Jersey. Raised at home with no knowledge of his real father, marked as different from his fellows by small attentions, he is sent to Paris for study by Charles' orders, has his first affair, meet. Mollere, and is forced to flee Louis' wrath when he fights a duel in the honor of one of Louis' mistresses. Summoned to England and the court, where his uncle is Treasurer of the Navy, he becomes deeply involved in Court affairs. He runs afoul of Monmouth, is shanghaied, and sees the first victory of the war against the Dutch. When he brings the news to Charles, he learns for the first time that he is Charles' son. This is a solid, somewhat sober excursion into a period substantially authenticated with actual characters and incidents and the problems of the day. Not so important as the earlier book, but well done.

Publisher: Harper