THIS IS MUSIC by David Randolph


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Interested in a realistic as well as an enlightened approach to music, David Randolph sets about setting the record straight with an unusual avenue to music appreciation. He points out the five basic elements of music (melody, rhythm, tone color, harmony, form), then points to what music is not or does not do. It does not really tell a story; even program music is essentially involved with the development of musical ideas. Nor does it rouse our emotions, but rather provides us with momentary feelings, and it requires an intellectual or aesthetic component in the listening. From this viewpoint, Mr. Randolph goes on to discuss form, ""the very content of music"". Throughout, his examples of music as it affects us or exists in itself are catholic but available. His final words to the reader- listener on how to enjoy, from the basic sensuous to the ultimate aesthetic elements circle back on his original assertions. Nevertheless, this is less dependent upon concomitant listening than the usual guide and thus provides a preliminary lecture for the would-be informed listener.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1963
Publisher: McGraw-Hill