QUESTIONS BOYS ASK by David W. Armstrong


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As a question and answer book of the kind teen agers crave, this is guaranteed for popularity by way of its straightforward comments on important topics- popularity, sex, personality improvements, grooming, education, how to get along with parents, right and wrong, etc. Mr. Armstrong is the national director of Boys' Clubs of America and his talk is the man to man kind young people like to hear. But despite the good advice, with most of which we cannot quibble, the mold into which the sum of the discussion would tend to fit our boys remains slightly disappointing. The answers are braided with generalizations that will tend to stultify thinking. Where the virtues of temperance, interest in other people, hard study, fair play and even individuality are stressed- so is the familiar American pattern of business success and, we think, the essential self interest that leaves little room for true originality and an acceptance of man other than that based on a rather parroted kind of tolerance.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1955
Publisher: Dutton