DRAGON HILL by David Walker


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Dragon Hill was young William's name for Seal Point, a rocky peninsular jutting out into the Atlantic. William's father had come to this desolate spot to complete a novel he was writing and he and Scottish cousin Mary were given free rein of the area. Legends about old Captain McDurgan, a recluse of 20 years, frightened the youngsters but not enough to prevent them from venturing beyond the ominous ""Keep Off"" signs on the Captain's property. Their courage is well rewarded -- for both children find an exciting new companion in the old sailor. His salty yarns about the Mabel Gair, his old ship, fascinate and excite William, who cannot foresee the modern adventure in store when the great August storm breaks. For the first time in years, Captain McDurgan takes command of a vessel the storm-swept house in danger of being destroyed. His knowledge and ingenuity are brought to bear to save the family and in a more profound way, himself. The contrast between legend and the tangible atmosphere of Seal Point, the sense of foreboding, and the Scottish thread of color combine to make this a zesty tale for both sexes.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1962
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin