COME BACK, GEORDIE by David Walker


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Report repeated from p. 1240, 1965 when scheduled for earlier publication, as follows: ""Geordie has been able to come back any time as far as the satisfied readers and viewers of Geordie (1950) are concerned. He's still larger than life, married to his Jeannie and working as a gamekeeper for the Laird in his technicolor Scotland. The ex-Olympic shotput champion would be a completely contented man if it weren't for his son, Charlie. Charlie's a good boy, but he doesn't share sober-sided Geordie's Presbyterian virtues and his restlessness takes him far from home before his young manhood is over. He literally drove Geordie to drink in a hilarious drunk scene which resulted in a plaid hangover, a jail sentence and...later, the arrival of a baby sister for teen-aged Charlie. The next few years see Charlie through college in Canada and his few trips home indicate he is going to be a success, especially with women. Geordie's middle-aged disciplines are called into service with intermittent visits from Maggie Oliphant, the fat girl who had grown up and slimmed down hating Charlie but holding onto her crush for Geodie. You guessed it; a match is plotted, the pipes skirl, there's another trip to the Olympic Games and it's all wonderfully warm, sentimental and funny.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1966
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin