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LIFE IS A CHOICE by David Washington


A Guide to Success in Life

by David Washington

Pub Date: Dec. 6th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0615552200
Publisher: Washington & Company

Advice for succeeding in life, packaged in an easily digestible format.

It seems the most compelling stories of personal success are told by those who rise above major challenges in their lives and succeed against all odds. In this respect, Washington’s book follows a proven formula; the author overcame childhood demons that suggested that he wouldn’t amount to anything after he learned early on to have faith in God and himself. Washington went on to earn a PhD and become an award-winning college professor. It is this background that drives Washington’s philosophy of life, and he expertly lays it out in a little book that is both highly inspirational and inclusive of specific “lessons” from a man whose passion is teaching. Washington covers familiar ground, addressing such topics as fear, procrastination, passion, attitude, hard work and planning. But he goes beyond the typical “here’s how to succeed” manual by offering memorable, meaningful adages, including “Use Your Past, Not Abuse Your Past,” “If You Stay Ready, You Don’t Have to Get Ready” and “Trouble is Easy to Get Into, But Hard to Get Out Of” (the last one was taught to him by his mother). The author organizes the book into short, focused, simply written chapters, each of which is followed by a relevant lesson. Chapter 11, for example, concerns “You and Your Associations.” Here Washington makes the perceptive point, “If you spend your time with people who are not going anywhere, how long will it be before you assume their perspectives and thoughts as your own?...When you associate with people who are positive and trying to achieve something in life, your stock goes up.” He follows this with “Developing Relationships,” a lesson that includes six specific tips to help develop and manage relationships. Washington hits all the high points and, in so doing, packs a remarkable amount of solid guidance, seasoned with personal experience, into less than 160 pages. A well-written, inspirational, uplifting book with spiritual overtones that should spur readers to achieve better things in life.