HIGHWAYS TO FAITH by David Wesley- Ed. Soper


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This is a collection of short spiritual biographies written by men who have come by one way or another to a vital Christian faith within the Protestant tradition. None are widely known; most are young men, products of war and disruption. Included is the testimony of businessmen, a ""Red Cap"" porter, a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, students for the ministry, Negroes and white men, rich and poor, liberals and fundamentalists, Methodists and Episcopalians. Some have come through a sharp conversion experience; others by gradual steps. Several have had their faith revitalized by the Layman's Movement for a Christian World, a national non-secretarian association in which laymen are quietly trying to close the gap between their religion and their everyday occupations. As Dr. Soper says:- ""These stories are illustrative of the real fellowship which exists between men of different ability, different cultural languages, different training in becoming disciples of the one Christ."" Helpful.

Pub Date: March 8th, 1954
Publisher: Westminster Press