YOU HAVE MET CHRIST by David Wesley Soper


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This little book, says Mr. Soper, seeks to dispel the illusion of an ancient, dead Christ, to enable modern men and women to feel the impact of Christ's contemporary presence, the direct and immediate demand of reality, not in lofty abstraction but in daily practical existence. Life involves many dimensions; these are here considered. 1) The Self. You have met Christ when you have met a mature individual fully aware that all present maturity is really premature. 2) The Self and the State. You have met Christ when you have met a responsible citizen fully aware that governments are not ends but means. 3) The Self and the Church. You have met Christ when an active churchman has known that man does not exist for religion, but religion for the growth in man of the image of God. Dr. Soper teaches at Beloit College, and we doubtless have here some of the wisdom he has shared with his students. It is rich with human interest illustrations, drawn from history, literature and present-day living. It is a good book for those who wish a fi grip on their faith in God and a renewal of their respect for man.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1957
Publisher: Westminster