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SPACE by Dawn Sirett


From the Pop-Up Peekaboo! series

by Dawn Sirett ; illustrated by Elle Ward

Pub Date: March 12th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-4654-7933-4
Publisher: DK Publishing

A voyage to the moon, with surprises hidden behind large flaps along the way.

Astronauts Danny and Daisy blast off with a lift of the first flap (“Liftoff! Bye-bye, Daisy and Danny”), race another rocket that’s hiding behind a space station (“Peekaboo!”), discover Rilo the Robot in a locker, glimpse a pair of shy ETs, and finally plant a generic Earth flag on the plasticine moon next to a plaque with friendly greetings. Made from plugs of soft-looking material with rounded edges and brightly colored painted details, all of the spacesuited figures sport smiles, and all—including the three-eyed ETs—are differently hued. The rhymed narrative doesn’t exactly soar (“The moon is really close now. / It’s a great big ball of rock. / Is something hiding behind it? / Watch out! You might get a shock”), but fanciful as the flight may be, no laws of physics are actually broken, and exposure to such vocabulary as “launch tower” and “cockpit” may give diapered STEM-winders a boost.

Relentlessly perky but, like other outings in this high-fructose series, not entirely empty calories.

(Pop-up board book. 1-3)