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by Dayle Quigley illustrated by Sara Weingartner

Pub Date: July 23rd, 2012
ISBN: 978-1592984862
Publisher: Beaver's Pond Press

Quigley’s picture book is a cheery story of friendship.

Pig and Toad are best friends, despite the difference in species. In this entertaining children’s book, Quigley uses a simple, engaging format to incorporate lessons on responsibility, friendship and self-esteem. Pig and Toad manage challenging situations with aplomb and serve as positive role models. In one chapter, Toad is afraid to go on a carnival ride. Thanks to Pig’s enthusiasm and encouragement, Toad decides to exercise his latent bravery, and he learns that leaving his comfort zone may lead to marvelous experiences. Later, Toad realizes that although he’s unable to secure the perfect birthday gift for Pig, it’s truly the thought that counts. In a touching chapter called “Snow Day,” the two friends use their imaginations to the fullest extent, declaring a snow day in the middle of a sunny, warm afternoon. The friends imagine skiing and making snow angels, turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary event. When Toad asks Pig if she was scared being lost and alone in a cornfield during a make-believe blizzard, Pig responds that she is never alone, as she carries Toad with her in her heart. As with the rest of the book, this poignant moment is accompanied by beautiful, vivid illustrations. Weingartner breathes life into Pig and Toad, and her colorful artwork should appeal to readers of every age. Throughout the book, Quigley’s characters model positive habits for children, such as when Toad mentions brushing his teeth and making his bed. The author avoids talking down to her audience, using words such as “exuberantly,” or terms like “clockwise” and “counterclockwise” when they fit the moment. Although the words shouldn’t pose a problem for older readers, they offer parents of younger readers an opportunity for conversation and explanation.

A sweet tale of friendship, the children’s stories of Pig and Toad will resonate with readers of all ages.