THE BEWITCHED LANDS by de  Adolfo Costa


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Another interpretation of a South American segment of life in this Gothic-Rousseau novel of nature and humans. Hunting oil, and his amanuensis come to Don Pedro Vidal's Bolivian domain and find father and son, Carlos, pitted as adversaries in the battle between and revolutionary id, Carlos, paroled in military disgrace, is a dishonored prisoner on the huge , Don young second wife an inglorious bystander. Carlos' disbelief in his father's tyrannical oppression of his workers and his family draws him closer to his young stepmother, and his ability to withstand brutalities directed against himself culminates in man-hunt, to the death, with himself as quarry. Carlos' like martyrdom predicates the doom of an old regime. A transfixion of a tampo and accustomed pattern which is disrupted by the impact of modern modes of thought.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1945
Publisher: Knopf