LATIN AMERICAN MISSION by de Lesseps S. Morrison


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Subtitled ""An Adventure in Hemisphere Diplomacy,"" this book constitutes a delayed but quite eloquent defense of the Organization of American States, by the man who served as U.S. Ambassador to that body from its inception in 1961 until he resigned to run, unsuccessfully as it happened, for the governorship of Louisiana two years later. The delay in publication was apparently caused by his sudden death, in a plane crash, early in 1964. De Lesseps S. ""Chep"" Morrison was, as Gerold Frank's introduction here bears out, an extraordinarily gifted and energetic man. What the OAS accomplished, including the measures taken against Cuba, was largely due to those gifts and energies, as even the harshest critics of the policies Morrison championed will readily admit. He was also a self-pronounced optimist regarding the enormous problems facing Latin America today, sincerely believing that, through the Alliance for Progress, the Peace Corps, and our other projects, we can forestall the Communists and ""complete the incomplete revolution"" down there, and this book was intended as an answer to the ""Cassandras,"" who have been unanimous in telling us otherwise. Whether Morrison or nearly everyone else happens to be correct, of course, only time will tell, and according to one and all, there is precious little of that left.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster