RUN, DIG, OR STAY? by Dean Brelis


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Civil Defense Administrator, Val Peterson, in a 1954 speech posed the question of whether Americans should ""die, dig, or get out"" when threatened by nuclear war. This seasoned and intelligent writer looks at the facts, motivated by his responsibility to his own family. World War II bombing and firestorm data is examined briefly. Juxtaposed against this information is the infinitesimally more destructive power proved by the hydrogen bomb during recent tests. Transcripts of Congressional hearings on Civil Defense, and on the efficiency of shelters, is reprinted verbatim. So are excerpts from articles, debates, and so on covering the same material. The attempt of groups of East Coast academicians and intellectuals to stop testing, the overwhelming futility of trying to hide from an atomic holocaust, and the misinformation provided by major publications on the subject are also dealt with. The author's conclusion-to-stay-to reject the fantasies of a safe hiding place anywhere on earth- will come as no surprise at the end of this effective assembling of information. Somewhat dull in presentation, but highly important to all Americans.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1962
Publisher: Beacon Press