MAN BEFORE GOD: Readings in Theology by

MAN BEFORE GOD: Readings in Theology

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This fourth volume in the ""Canisianum"" series, like its predecessor volumes (The Church, The Word, The Christian and the World) is a collection of articles and lectures by prominent Catholic theologians. The present work discusses man in relation to himself (as matter and spirit, and as endowed with freedom), in relation to mankind (as a member of society and of the family unit), and in relation to God (as perfectible by grace and redeemed by Christ). Each topic is approached from the viewpoint of both Biblical and systematic theology by such authorities as Rahner, Schnackenburg, Fransen, Ratzinger, Haring, and Semmelroth. Although there is the usual uneveness of treatment and disparity of approach, this collection enjoys a formal cohesiveness seldom found in collections, and the student of theology as well as the intelligent layman will find the articles, without exception, stimulating and instructive.

Publisher: Kenedy