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SHIP OF DREAMS by Dean Morrissey


by Dean Morrissey & illustrated by Dean Morrissey

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1994
ISBN: 0-8109-3848-0
Publisher: Abrams

 Joey wants a glimpse of the Sandman. In bed, waiting for his chance, Joey feels his lids grow heavy; then, suddenly, he is soaring through the heavens in his Redd Rocket wagon. The wagon topples, Joey falls (very much shades of In the Night Kitchen), coming to rest in the nets suspended below a sky schooner, piloted by the Sandman. The old dream weaver--he looks like he could be Jerry Garcia's brother--hauls Joey aboard and gives him a guided tour. When Joey awakens later, he finds his Redd Rocket wagon all decked out in its heavenly regalia. A diverting enough story, told in a wide-eyed style that keeps things moving and interesting. The illustrations are reproduced from limited- edition art prints. But for all the pictures' obvious quality, there's just too much hoopla about this book and its art: lush, sure-handed oils the likes of which are now sported by many a picture book--many of which have a good deal more personality. Each print is boldly signed by Morrissey, which robs them of at least some of their magic, not to mention that it gets a tad grating. A handsome book that, despite its efforts to be wondrous, is just pleasantly decorative. (Fiction/Picture book. All ages) (First printing of 100,000; Book-of-the-Month Club alternate dividend selection; author tour)