THE VISION by Dean R. Koontz


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Dreadful, bottom-drawer drivel, by the author of Demon Seed. Mary Berger is a traveling clairvoyant who writes a psychic column and helps the police find murderers, especially mass murderers. A strong new series of visions has Mary frightened--it seems she might he the victim--and the murderer's face--always--it isn't--it can't be!--suddenly Mary's bringing wild poltergeist effects to cover up the murderer's face which she can't bear to reveal to herself or acknowledge. Meanwhile we watch lovely ladies die under a honed kitchen knife--and Mary being deflowered (at six) by her brother shoving a dead bat into her vagina--and all sorts of swell bloodyfingered butchery by a murderer whose big thrill is drinking menstrual flow. . . .

Pub Date: Nov. 9th, 1977
Publisher: Putnam