BLOW AWAY by Dean with Mark Kram Selmier


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This is the autobiography of hit man ""Dean Selmier"" as told to ""Mark Kram"". . . Once upon a time Dean was in the Navy and trained to be a kind of killer commando. The Navy made little use of his abilities. After serving five years Dean lost his temper one day and broke an officer's jaw. For this he got 14 years in the brig. Time passed and out of the blue a man appeared who offered freedom if Dean would become a lethal operative for an unnamed organization--he would be well-paid for all services. Dean said yes, but that he must have a cover job. So he became an actor, working with his friend Michael Dunn the dwarf in Ballad of the Sad Cafe on Broadway, in some Genet and other shows, and eventually filming his own cheapo productions in Spain. Meanwhile, he's contracted to snuff a fat German who once designed gas vans. Cleverly, Dean kills him with a viewfinder that shoots poison gas. For his next contract he disguises himself as Quasimodo and shoots his victim through the eye. Then Dean's girlfriend, who likes to be tied up for lovemaking, turns out to be some kind of double agent and beheads someone she thinks is Dean. But when she too is tortured to death, Death goes after her killer. It's all presented as fact, but one feels that the true story has been heavily overstuffed.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1979
Publisher: Viking