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by Debbie Macomber

Pub Date: March 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-345-52884-1
Publisher: Ballantine

Spring is in the air on Blossom Street, and the baby-blanket window display at A Good Yarn might just change a few lives in bright, unexpected ways.

While she helps couples choose perfect symbols of their love and commitment, jewelry-store saleswoman and diamond specialist Lauren Elliott has been waiting years for a proposal from long-term boyfriend Todd. But the baby blanket in the window of A Good Yarn makes her question everything: Her younger sister is happily married and newly pregnant, which makes Lauren feel like she’s squandering precious time. Breaking it off with Todd leaves her open to a new, whirlwind relationship with Rooster, the man she suddenly feels she’s been waiting for all along. Unfortunately, her dear friend and boss, Elisa, disapproves of her hasty life changes, and since Elisa is estranged from her own daughter—who is unexpectedly pregnant—she takes some frustration out on Lauren. Lauren has a new friend to confide in, though: Bethanne, the woman she met at A Good Yarn the day she met Rooster, and Bethanne is also the wife of Rooster’s best friend, Max. Bethanne has a few challenges of her own, what with an ex-husband who is making trouble for her marriage and turning their daughter against her, even as their son shares the good news that his wife is pregnant. Through everything, A Good Yarn continues to be a safe haven for women across Seattle, and Lydia, the owner, always has a shoulder to lean on or an ear with which to listen. It’s spring, and new beginnings, new births and new opportunities are all around. 

Fans will happily return to the warm, welcoming sanctuary of Macomber’s Blossom Street, catching up with old friends from past Blossom Street books and meeting new ones being welcomed into the fold.