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STARTING NOW by Debbie Macomber


A Blossom Street Novel


Pub Date: April 16th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-345-52881-0
Publisher: Ballantine

When Libby Morgan is expecting to be named partner of her law firm but instead gets laid off, she’s shocked and angry, but it may prove to be just what she needs to create the life she deserves.

Libby’s whole life has been devoted to making partner, working as hard as possible to hit the mark that will make her feel like a success and to live up to the promise she made to her dying mother as a young teen. So when she not only doesn’t get the coveted partner position, but is fired despite all her talent, effort and hard work, everything changes. Libby never sets out to find her center or discover what truly matters; somehow, though, as her job hunt encounters one dead end after another, it happens anyway. Living on a dwindling severance, she first joins the gym, then discovers the yarn shop on Blossom Street. But it’s when she starts rocking the preemies at the nearby hospital that things really get interesting. Things like meeting the handsome pediatrician, Phillip, and actually taking time to smell the roses, knit the yarn, connect with old and new friends, and invest emotionally in the people around her—including a troubled young teen with an unsettling secret. So what happens when her new life is in place and her old profession comes calling? Macomber’s newest book takes her fans back to the popular Blossom Street, with the familiar characters and businesses that populate the series. Best-selling Macomber became famous for her romantic fiction, though she seems to have taken more of a women’s fiction tone with some recent titles, and this book falls into that category. The romance is integral to the plot, but Libby’s journey is more about self-discovery and understanding what "a good life" truly means for her, while opening her heart to other damaged characters in the story broadens her understanding of love and purpose. 

Macomber’s writing and storytelling deliver what she’s famous for—a smooth, satisfying tale with characters her fans will cheer for and an arc that is cozy, heartwarming and ends with the expected happily-ever-after.