IF I KNEW THEN by Debbie Reynolds


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Debbie Reynolds, the abba-dabba-dabba girl from El Paso, Texas, herein dispenses advise to the thousands of teenage girls who have written to her eliciting assistance. It is to this audience, who undoubtedly need help, that good old Debbie (...""you can call me "") addresses herself. In the grand manner of Susan Slept Here and the first of the Tammy pictures ""Aren't I the friskiest little thing you ever saw? Watch me cough as I inhale a cigarette trying to appear older in Dick Powell's pajama tops"". Debbie reveals all twenty-odd of her enlightening years: Mother took in washing. Her real name is Mary Frances Reynolds. She was weaned late. She was suspected of stealing $30.00 from her high school class money. ""What hurt the most was that the gym teachers didn't believe me. They had been my idols. I wanted to be a gym teacher more than anything in the world."" There's Hollywood memorabilia: When Bette Davis saw her hanging from a catwalk looking in on a scene being shot, she stopped the scene cold and exclaimed, ""What on earth is that!"". Then there is the advice itself: ""Neck, but not too much"". Don't ""go all the way"" until marriage. ""Where's the percentage?"" Don't mix with cold cream or you'll look ""like a greased pig"". There will be pictures, too: Debbie kissing the right way. Debbie kissing the wrong way. Debbie stripping Jack Paar. Horrendous, but saleable!

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1962
Publisher: Bernard Geis-distr. by Random House