CREATIVE RELAXATION: Turning Your Stress Into Positive Energy by Deborah Bright

CREATIVE RELAXATION: Turning Your Stress Into Positive Energy

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Limp cases--sandwiched into such categories as business, sex, and sports--pad out this foothold-by-foothold relaxation run-through. The steps are familiar to habitues of the genre: in ""Progression I,"" readers are urged to carve out a ""Personal Quiet Time"" by eliminating distractions, sitting or lying down with eyes closed, breathing deeply and visualizing a peaceful scene, etc. The next four progressions are really variations or outgrowths of the first; in the last three, the mind is brought into play to identify stressors and to integrate the relaxed feelings with thoughts of the stressor. The author contends that mini-versions of this, process can be called on as alternatives whenever a negative reaction to stress threatens to rear its ugly head: hence, the ""creative"" aspect. Of course, the pastime of tagging and counteracting stressors can reach epidemic proportions; the author cheerfully recounts the saga of a family whose members hang up different colored signs at the end of each day to signal the amount of stress they have been under. While there may be value in observing one's physical and mental responses to stress, the prepackaged nature of such a program precludes the very creativity it claims to encourage.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1979
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich