PEPPER: The Story of a Parakeet by Deborah Crawford

PEPPER: The Story of a Parakeet

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The author's fluffy friend originally came as part of the team, Acey and Deecy, but his intended mate proved to be too much for both him and the household to handle so his bachelorhood was renewed and his name changed to Pepper, to indicate his fiery personality. The household at this point consisted of Mrs. Crawford and her new husband Andy and home was a cold water Greenwich Village flat. This perky account tells of the ways in which Pepper succeeded in brightening up their rather drab outlook or scared them half to death such as the time he did manage to fly out of the building or the time he broke up the cocktail party or their fun and games in the fresh air after they had moved to suburbia and added a third member of the family--Andy's fourteen year old son who ""preferred"" goldfish. But ""poor ole' Pepper"" could communicate and the martini drinking, narcissistic scamp is lovable while the book is thoroughly likable. All fuss and feathers.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1966
Publisher: Crown