NO NAUGHTY CATS by Debra & Sherry Suib Cohen Pirotin


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Starting with the basic premise that cats are trainable, veterinarian Pirotin and co-author Cohen offer practical advice on how to encourage the behavior you want in your cat, and how to discourage problem behavior. First, to help determine if a cat's misconduct isn't caused by illness, Pirotin lists the more common feline wrongdoings (indiscriminate urination, aggressiveness, incessant crying) and any possible medical causes. She then investigates the major personality problems, making specific suggestions for deterring each one: For the cat who avoids the litter box, feed it where it sprays; for the crybaby, more exercise; for the plant destroyer, cayenne pepper in the soil; for the finicky eater, add brewer's yeast to enhance food flavor. In the other direction, Pirotin recommends the food reward/positive reinforcement technique to teach a cat how to come when called or sit stiff for claw-clipping or bathing. Also included are useful tips on how to analyze a cat's body language (to determine when it's in a receptive mood), picking a kitten, selecting a vet, and providing proper nutrition. Considering the large number of cats destroyed because of ""unsolvable"" behavior problems, the sound advice offered here is welcome.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1985
Publisher: Harper & Row