ROBIN AND MR. JONES by Decie Merwin


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There's warmth and suspense in this horse story about eleven year old Robin Reed whose parents have gone to Mexico and left her to a dull year of living in the East with her maiden aunt Roberta. Dullness is dissipated soon. Near Aunt Roberta's farm live the Talbuts, a whole family of horsemen, and Robin's riding days begin when she meets her contemporary Cherub Talbut, out riding on Mr. Jones, their hand-me-down pony who has seen them all through their learning. With her own indoctrination, a subsequent horse show, and Aunt Roberta's thawing personality, Robin's life gets better daily, reaches a climax when her parents arrange to buy Mr. Jones for Robin's very own. Excellent field, stable and human characteristics come out in the author's pencil drawings.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1953
Publisher: Oxford