RAINBOW: Finding the Better Person Inside You by Dee Burton

RAINBOW: Finding the Better Person Inside You

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32 banal prescriptions to improve your life, from ""Engage in Altruistic Behavior on a Regular Basis"" to ""Make It a point Always to Distinguish Between Low-Probability and Zero-Probability Events."" No attempt is made to explain why these specific commandments are handed down, beyond the fact that they are ""significant principles"" for the author, or to synthesize them into any kind of coherent system; and their effect is uniformly assumed to be of a character-strengthening nature. However, the individual directives vary widely in potential merit: most would agree that we can all do with less rationalizing and stereotyping, for example, but few would be prepared to endorse some of the author's wild schemes to ""Increase Your Psychological Risk-Taking""--as in ""Tell your boss exactly what you think of him"" or ""Have an affair with a member of the sex to which you are not accustomed."" The question is, why?

Pub Date: March 1st, 1980
Publisher: Macmillan