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WAKE UP HOUSE! by Dee Lillegard


Rooms Full of Poems

by Dee Lillegard illustrated by Don Carter

Pub Date: March 1st, 2000
ISBN: 0-679-98351-1
Publisher: Knopf

Bouncy small snippets and smidgeons of poems, most four lines long and rhymed, describing the most mundane and utilitarian of household objects, are sure to charm small children. The bright yellow house viewed at dawn opens to a rosy-cheeked sun peering through the bedroom window, and there are odes to stove and broom, stairs and bookcase, table and lamp, even the clock and houseplants. “Corners,” for example, sings “They are the reason / walls meet, / and rooms consider themselves / complete.” These homely objects are infused with gender and personality, and the illustrations bear that well. Without anthropomorphizing, the feather duster does indeed seem to dance, and the couch appears friendly. Carter has made wonderful three-dimensional pictures from foam board, plaster, and acrylics, so everything has a tactile surface and a physical presence. By using schoolposterpaint colors, Carter reinforces both the sculptural quality and the kidfriendly texture of the images. A fine first poetry book. (Poetry. 47)