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PERFECT HEALTH by Deepak Chopra


A Complete Mind/Body Guide

by Deepak Chopra

Pub Date: May 11th, 1990
Publisher: Harmony/Crown

Another book-length promotion for a chain of health centers that promises health, bliss, and long life; purports to be based on a combination of ancient Eastern wisdom and modern physics; and explains its system with lists of exotically named categories, conditions, and treatments. This one claims to operate at the quantum level, where matter and energy are interchangeable and--a quantum leap here--where mind and body interact. But instead of explaining that concept, it concentrates on determining your mind-body type, or dosha (the quiz provided for the purpose makes no discernible sense)--and then matching the three types with various elements, body parts, health problems, individual natures, recommended diets, herbal formulas, oil baths, music and aroma therapies, routines and exercises, all to achieve a proper balance among the doshas. Transcendental meditation is also prescribed, but neither instructions for that practice nor formulas for the treatments are given here, as they must be obtained from one of the ten North American Maharishi Ayurveda health centers or 24 auxiliary centers listed at the end. It's all tedious in the extreme and persuasive only for true believers, whatever their number might be.