AUGUST ICE by DeForest Day


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A solution-by-superhero first novel in which Chase Defoe--a former Navy intelligence officer, current confidant of Presidents and power politicos--emerges from a week's fast in the wilderness to discover a bashed-in body of the handsomely manicured grounds of the ritzy Lakeview Lodge. Could this death have anything to do with an ex-President's impending visit? Actually, no, but that visit allows Defoe a chance to visit with his old undercover chums, make use of their data bases, and gain access to hotel secrets by mentioning his close friendship with the Admiral, the ex-President's host. With the help of a local bookseller and his daughter, Defoe identifies the murder victim as a long-ago local camp counselor whose farewell party included raping (and perhaps killing) a not-so-innocent young thing. Soon more former counselors are strafed, old camp annuals are defaced so that none of the counselors is recognizable, and Defoe and his sweetie learn that the snobby ex-counselors have matured into even snobbier adults who still ignore dÉclassÉ types--such as Guglielmo Martini, who procured the girl for them and is now, with a poshly Anglicized name, a member of the country club until. . . Preposterous, and then some.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1990
Publisher: St. Martin's