ANIMAL REVEILLE by Dempewolff Richard


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Wonderful material on which a better book might have been done, but until such a book is available, this has much to recommend it. For here is the first overall picture of a little known branch of the service -- animals at war, some of which has already appeared in the S.E.P. and Readers's Digest. One of the best chapters is the one on the camel, perpetually grumpy, glum and grudging, but irreplacable in desert warfare: another good one is on pigeons, unerring means of communication and rescue. Dogs of all kinds, from Russia's anti-tank dogs to Stubby, hero of World War I, and today's Dogs for Defense and their training for sentry, messenger, ambulance duty. Horses for cavalry, for transport, elephants for pack, the cussed mules; the cat on home front operations against the disease bearing rodents; a miscellany of minor creatures serving in war. The quirks, idiosynorasies, traits of each and the problems they present.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1943
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran