THE PREDATOR by Denis Pitts


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The author of This City Is Ours juxtaposes the surprisingly easy takeover of 1990 Europe against the rags-to-riches life story of its industrialist mastermind, Jean-Paul Aristotle Abdul Becker. The illegitimate son of a Greek prostitute and a Nazi fugitive, Becker develops into a hardened ""gutter urchin"" and jailbird following his upbringing in a Port Said bordello. Although he's later reformed after being adopted by a kindly French banking family, his ""fearful urge to avenge"" is rekindled once his wife and children are slain by terrorist hijackers. Becker's counterblow is nothing less than a full-scale coup carried out by his own private security forces while the continent's leaders are being kept confined on the island of Elba. . . . Nothing like (except in dim story outline) as good as Colin Forbes' recent The Stone Leopard with little to justify it.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Mason/Charter