LIFE IN THE FOREST by Denise Levertov


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This book is a must for hard-core Levertov fans, and those who have yet to be convinced. While the poet does not venture far from the nature imagery and political anger which has gained her a wide audience, she has broadened herself stylistically. There are long, lyrical poems after Pavese; short-lined, fast-paced poems like ""Scornful Reprieve"" (""Curtly the sky/plucks/at knots of cloud. . .""); and a series of shorter poems which employ the lyric line and a fast movement (""Dreaming, I rush/thrust from the cave of the winds,/into the midst of a wood of tasks. . .""). In tandem, then, the excitement of an established poet attempting to expand--and that passionate concern for the human condition which has set her apart from the first.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1978
ISBN: 0811206939
Publisher: New Directions