NEW PARTS FOR PEOPLE: The Story of Medical Transplants by

NEW PARTS FOR PEOPLE: The Story of Medical Transplants

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A sign of the times is that this book is already incomplete but the development of surgical techniques and the problems surgeons had (and have) to circumvent are still relevant. That twins have the advantage as transplant recipients is explained as is the success of autografts (same person) and, increasingly, homografts (same species), heterografts and artificial inserts. ""Parts"" refers to kidneys, the heart, arms and fingers, noses, hair, skin, corneas, tissue and bone. Numerous case histories reflect a growing control over the immune response (rejection of foreign tissue) but there are other troublesome problems (accessibility of organs) as well as recurring questions with legal and moral ramifications. The photographs (post-operative patients, machinery) and simplified diagrams should further understanding. Short, direct--the facts behind tomorrow's headlines.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1969
Publisher: Norton