THE GHETTO GAME: Racial Conflicts In The City by Dennis Clark

THE GHETTO GAME: Racial Conflicts In The City

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Mr. Clark has restricted this study to the question of segregated housing in urban America, primarily in the major cities, and especially as it affects the ""non-white"" portion of the population. At great length, but unfortunately with little of the vivid detail which makes for a communicable grasp of the issue, he goes into the construction and real estate ends of it, the sociological and psychological factors involved, and the organizations and pressure groups on both sides. Once in a while he comes up with a memorable distinction or definition (""Although prejudice is sometimes a judgment without reference to the facts, it is more often a judgment without consideration of all the facts."") But for all his careful marshalling of the statistics, he has not produced the book which will greatly aid in understanding---let alone in solving--- this enormous contemporary problem. He tells us that his intention ""is to review and analyze, rather than to suggest detailed programs."" There is much more rather repetitive review than analysis, and it is the latter which would seem to be more pertinent to the immediate needs of most of his would-be readers.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1962
ISBN: 1166129527
Publisher: Sheed & Ward