DADDY: The Diary of an Expectant Father by Dennis Danziger

DADDY: The Diary of an Expectant Father

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A journal begun by a writer during a period when he and his wife planned to have their first child and which he continued through the birth of their offspring. The anxieties and difficulties of impregnation and the pregnancy itself as well as the emotional and financial responsibilities of parenthood are addressed in what is meant to be a lighthearted manner. Two people in their 30s who have lived together decide to have a child. Given their independent life style, this is an apparently momentous decision. Since both are TV writers, some of their questions and concerns are more exotic than those of the ordinary middle-class family, but procreation makes all equal in fear and trembling. Denziger's is not a probing examination of the phenomenon, however, but one which seems to aim for the superficiality of a sit-com. However, without a laugh track, will their readers know what is supposed to be funny? The experiences related here are cutesy at best, and the book seems designed for people who seldom read. Certainly, it will strain no intellectual boundaries. For those readers who are not put off by a kind of shallow insight into the rite of passage, this may offer some diversion. Those who have not become prime-time addicts of family fare will find little here to amuse them. Daddy tries to be funny with a vengeance, but rarely succeeds.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1987
Publisher: HP Books