TREK TO KRAGGEN-COR: Vol. I of the Silver Call Duology by Dennis L. McKiernan

TREK TO KRAGGEN-COR: Vol. I of the Silver Call Duology

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Yet more watery ersatz Tolkien from the author of the wretched Iron Tower trilogy. Over two hundred years after the defeat of the evil Modru in the Winter War, the Dwarves evince a desire to reoccupy their old subterranean stronghold, Kraggen-Cor, now swarming with foul creatures of every description. Unfortunately no one remembers the layout of the tunnels and passages, and there are no maps. So the Dwarves and a couple of human allies go calling on the hobbits--ahem, ""Warrows""--whose accounts of the Winter War include extensive descriptions of said tunnels and passages. Since the Warrows Perry and his sidekick Cotton have pored over the accounts and have committed the details to memory, naturally they must go along as guides. So goes the journey: endless boring chat, flatly unevocative descriptions, and ideas that show not a glimmer of originality or life. There is a final, fairly decent battle between the Dwarf armies and the octopus-creature that guards the doors of Kraggen-Cor, but even this is lifted directly from Lord of the Rings. All in all, an abject imitation with no ambitions to be anything else. Most depressing of all is that there seems to be a market for this sort of poppycock. Poor old J.R.R. must be turning in his grave.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1986
Publisher: Doubleday