WITCH BAZOOZA by Dennis Nolan


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Crude cartoon silliness wrapped around a mildly promising notion--witch Bazooza's hope to win the Witches Judging Society contest for scariest house on Halloween. But after she's broken all her windows, made sure her doors squeak and her floors creak, put cobwebs in the corners and conjured up a skeleton, she can't find ""a pumpkin with a jack-o'-lantern face"" to ""finish decorating this old place."" On the most likely vine is, ludicrously, ""a cucumber with a jack-o'-lantern face""; and then up pop a turnip, a carrot, a watermelon, etc., etc., all with jack-o'-lantern mugs. Still, she cops first prize--because her garden full of ""scary grinning faces"" is so ""original and unique."" Or, let's say, outlandish.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1980
Publisher: Prentice-Hall