THE SURVIVOR by Dennis Parry
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An original and piquant idea, which can stand on its own feet without the link the publishers make for it to Dracula, Dr. Jekyil, etc. Although it is a story of the supernatural, it has little of the attendant horror and fear. Trenchant wit and acute observation of the foibles of men characterize the telling. It is the story of Dr. James Marshall, in the year 194 --, when a flu epidemic is killing off the English like flies. Marshall is hated by all -- but respected for his ruthless skill, and feared for his salacious tongue, his diabolical perversity, his inventive sadism. He dies -- and in death is more terrible than in life. A strangely fascinating tale, but too uncanonical to appeal to as wide a public as predicted, I fear.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1940
Publisher: Holt