SANCTITY: or There's No Such Thing As a Naked Sailor by Dennis Selby

SANCTITY: or There's No Such Thing As a Naked Sailor

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My dear there was Shelly Skull, such an ador-able thing just flitting in and out of those di-vine parties and driving the boys sim-ply mad. And oh those things he was in-to-scien-tol-ogy and hash-ish and just carry-ing on about some alter ego, wouldn't you know. And then there was that simply treaty time when he appeared in drag with the cute-ist name, ""Swell Wonderass""--doesn't that just spark-le and then ""Miss B."" kidnaps him and just sweeps him away to Tangiers. But is ""Miss B."" after that ""Swell Wonderass?"" No, that naughty old thing is after Shelly's pene-trating baby blue eyes. By transplant! But Shelly escapes with that other mad-deningly adorable thing Peter Noble and they drift to sea in a crate with no food. . . except each other. Isn't that just the most ro-man-tic thing you've ever dream-ed of? Until Shelly is recaptured and. . . oh. . . palpitations. . . I just can't go on. My dear it's too much. Utterly utterly too much.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1969
Publisher: Simon & Schuster