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While the number of books appearing on China today is perhaps a handicap here, this is one of the best books on Communist China to date. Warner, an Australian Journalist who has spent most of his time in the Far East, has many somber conclusions to draw: by 1981, if not earlier, China will rank as the third great military power in the world and an ""easy first"" in militancy; by this time, China will have broken the ring of military alliances around it, have caused the internal collapse of the Taiwan government, have brought most of Southeast Asia into the Communist ""family"", and will have persuaded tens of millions of people elsewhere in the uncommitted world to turn away from the West. The author believes that nothing like the fervor of the Red Chinese has been seen in the world since the Crusades. This is a balanced book that cuts through the emotionalism that usually surrounds this subject and examines every angle of the Peiping regime, its successes and its failures. If the author's gloomy predictions are not to come true, he believes the West will have to increase its economic aid on a more intelligent and selective basis in underdeveloped countries, improve their agriculture, abolish colonialism everywhere, provide technical training wherever needed. Besides this, it must find a policy by which to draw China into the family of nations and help it with its own formidable problems..... A challenging book.

Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1961
Publisher: Macmillan