THE BLACK BARONESS by Dennis Wheatley


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A sequel to The Starlet Imposter (published in January) and continuing the adventures of Gregory intelligence officer, on private business assigned by his chief which continually plunges him into dangers from which him keen intelligence and quick just save him. Once again Erica, his lovely anti-Nazi German, supplies the romance. This time the mysterious Black Baroness, organizer of Hitler's secret weapon (beautiful girls, sent to each country before the blitz, to waylay officials) is Sallust's quarry. And the Black Haroness, repenting (grave question) too late, drashes to her death with Reynaud, shortly after he has resigned his post in falling France. Grand adventure with contemporary interest and all stops pulled -- but marred by over-detailed attention to the pattern of history of and philosophical bypaths, and by some very clumay writing.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1942
Publisher: Macmillan