MAIDEN VOYAGE by Denton Welch


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Nicely turned autobiographical record of a 13-year old's year in China, though it's not quite the young Evelyn Waugh-Aubrey Beardsley the publishers claim. He ran away from boarding school to spend five days in search of cathedrals, and agreed to go back for one term only, and then is invited by his father to Shanghai. He was on his own pretty much of the time; he looked for collector's items by day, roved the streets at night, takes a trip into the interior with another avid collector, spends one night in a brothel and others at missions. His is a record of a search for experience as well as objets d'art -- pleasant memoirs of observant youth.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1945
ISBN: 1878972286
Publisher: L. B. Fischer